Stubby Post – Final Tally of 3750 Failures

It’s pretty widely known that I hate Cisco 3750 switches. We’ve had so many hardware and software failures with them that I’ve got a seriously bad taste in my mouth. Since I’m leaving for a new company, I thought I’d publish some statistics while I still have access to the numbers.

Total TAC cases online casino usa european roulette opened related to 3750s: 21
Number of 3750G-12S-S replaced: 21
Number of 3750G-24TS replaced: 7
Total number of RMAs issued: 28
Total number of 3750s in the company: ~120
Failure rate: 23.3%

I can accept a handful of failures, but 23%?!?!? That’s one fine platform you’ve developed there, Cisco. Keep up the good work.