Stubby Post – I’m Unemployed…Until Monday

Today was my last day at the office, and I start a new job and adventure on Monday.  What does that mean for the blog?

The biggest impact is the fact that I won’t have access to a CSM or FSWM any more.  These are two pretty unique devices, and I get quite a few questions on these guys.  I’ll try my best to recount what I know, but I’ll have to get information from buddies at the old job if research is needed.  The CSM has been a backbone of this blog for a while, so I’ll need to find another area with a similar demand for examples and configuration help.  The FWSM doesn’t measure to the same scale, but the old company casino online australia is the only one I know that runs those things, so the world may be that much poorer in FWSM information.

Another big impact has to do with my new company.  I don’t even want to name them right now since I don’t know their attitude towards posting information about their operations on a blog.  Though I always sanitize the configs and move output around to make it generic, I’ll need to run it by management before even attempting to give on-the-job examples.  In the meantime, keep an eye out for my study notes on this new technology I’ll be breaking maintaining.

Since my career is taking a big turn, the blog is going with it.  Stay tuned to see where we wind up.  🙂