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Cisco Live 2013 Insights – Catalyst 3850

Cisco Live is obviously the biggest networking event of the year, and Cisco likes to use all the attention to show off some of their new gear. I must say I was impressed with the Enterprise offerings including the 6807-XL, the 6880-X, the 4451-X, and the Sup 8-E for the 4500-E. Those boxes definitely gave me a bit of a tingle when I was checking them out, but my eyes opened up when I saw the 3850. The Catalyst 3850 is the next version of the 3k line of switches and the successor to the 3750-X.

DHCP ACK Error on Avaya Phones

We're an Avaya voice shop (for now if I have my way) and have Avaya systems of various sizes and shapes all around the Enterprise.  I was at one of our remote locations a few weeks back and helped the…

Lessons Learned from a Bad Day

I had a really, really bad day this past Tuesday.  I mean, a really bad day.  I guess I should have seen it coming since the last #stabbytuesday was uneventful.  Here's what said cosmos had in for me and the…