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CCIE R&S Written – Epic Fail (Again)

Yes, I failed. I think it’s pretty typical when you’re at Cisco Live, stay out drinking and smoking cigars until 1am, then sit the exam at 8am. Considering the situation I put myself in, I wasn’t very optimistic about the exam. I figured maybe a 40% chance I would pass since I didn’t really even study. Are you sensing a theme of ill-preparedness and self-sabotage? Yeah, me, too.

CCIE R&S Written – Epic WIN!

The wife and I had a romantic day driving several hours to a small town to take Cisco exams. If this doesn’t get me some action, I don’t know what else to try.

CCIE R&S Written Materials

I’m scheduled to take the CCIE R&S Written exam on 10 July at Cisco Live, and I’ve been asked by a handful of people on Twitter exactly what materials I’m using. I figured it would be a good idea to let everyone know so that we all can determine whether or not I’m on the right track. I may get to the exam and find out that the books I’ve been reading aren’t even close. It’s happened before.

Configuring Dedicated Trunks for the CSM

Did you catch the article on setting up fault tolerance on the CSM?  In that article, I mentioned that Cisco recommends a dedicated trunk for the FT VLAN if you have two HA CSMs in two chassis.  Discuss amongst yourselves…

Using CDP To Track Down Physical Connections

We have a location that’s a few blocks down from the main office here, and we were reviewing the circuit size to make sure it was sized properly.  Since not one person knows what’s going on and the trending graphs…

Using MAC Access-lists

We ran into this today, and, though I knew it existed, I never actually saw it in the wild.  I’m talking about MAC access-lists. In the example setup, we have a DMZ off of a firewall that contains a whole…

Back to Basics — CAM Table Population

At the office, we reprovision servers like it’s going out of style.  It happens so often that my cabling documentation rarely matches what’s actually out in field, which is a pretty big problem when you’re trying to find to what…

Cheat Sheets from Packetlife.net

My friend Josh over at blindhog.net has found a collection of cheat sheet gems for the network dude(tte).  There’s sheets on BGP, OSPF, Subnetting, QoS, connector types, and more.  Check it out. Cheat Sheets – Packetlife.net

Storm Control

We run a large number of LANs all over the country that are “controlled” by the particular business unit. We manage the gear, but, since they have the money and have to pay for anything we do, they make the…

Getting Started with EtherChannel

In my professional life at some point, I came across someone who had a stack of Catalyst 2950 switches all trunked together with their Internet routers connected to the top of the stack. This was all well and good until…