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Yes, I failed. I think it’s pretty typical when you’re at Cisco Live, stay out drinking and smoking cigars until 1am, then sit the exam at 8am. Considering the situation I put myself in, I wasn’t very optimistic about the exam. I figured maybe a 40% chance I would pass since I didn’t really even study. Are you sensing a theme of ill-preparedness and self-sabotage? Yeah, me, too.

It’s pretty widely known that I hate Cisco 3750 switches. We’ve had so many hardware and software failures with them that I’ve got a seriously bad taste in my mouth. Since I’m leaving for a new company, I thought I’d publish some statistics while I…

I did my standard 2ish-hour drive to the closest testing center today to take the SWTCH test (642-813). Utter failure. That’s 3 for those scoring at home.