News – Cisco Announces EOL Schedule for 6500s

This is a surprise, but Cisco has announced the end of life of the 6500 switches that we all know and love.  Usually Cisco gives a platform a few more years after they decide to retire it, but the schedule only gives the 6500s one more year of service.  I’m sure this goes back the success and recent expansion of the Nexus line of switches.

Here’s the lowdown from Cisco.

End of Sale – September 30, 2011
Last Ship Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects Date –  October 30, 2011
End of Routine Failure Analysis – November 31, 2011
End of Service Contract Date – January 31, 2012
End of Support – April 1, 2012

That’s a very aggressive schedule and doesn’t really make very much sense.  They just announced an ASA Service Module for it, so I’m really not sure what this is all about.  I hope details will become more apparent in the press release to be published tomorrow.

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