ONT – Epic Fail Part 3

It’s not what you think.

I was talking with a buddy online last night, and he made a good point.  If you keep putting off taking a test, you’ll never make any progress.  I took that to heart, went online, and scheduled another sitting of ONT for today at 3pm at the closest center.  I took the day off, too, so I could get some tax stuff done and get over to the center and back before dinner.  I got some really good rest last night for sure, too, and had some very productive study time before heading off for my day’s adventures.

I ran my errands and headed over to Statesboro, GA, for the test.  There’s a technical college over there that’s the closest testing center to the house, thought still an hour and a half drive for me.  On the way over there, I was going over 802.11e stuff in my head and generally enjoying the sunny and warm day.  I pulled into the school and noticed that they were repaving the parking lot up front where I usually park.  No biggie.  I pulled around back and noticed there were 5 cars in the whole lot.  Last week when I was there, there were at least 200 people there signing up for classes, but there was no one around today.  I didn’t think much of it, though; it was late in the afternoon on a Friday, and I figured everyone just bolted for home early.

It’s an open campus with buildings all around a few courtyards.  I walked around the building in the back (I have no idea what building that was) and walked towards the Assessment Center where the tests are given.  The long drive was taking a toll, so I stopped by the main building to heed nature’s call.  The door was locked.  So was the door to the next building.  So was the door to the Assessment Center.  It was dark.  Nobody was there.  I finally found a sign that said everyone was on furlough until next Tuesday.  Nice.

I called Pearson and told them the story.  They verified I was in the right place and there at the right time.  They even called the testing center to see if they could find anyone, but, of course, no one answered.  The support person with whom I spoke told me that their team would have to get in touch with the testing center to see what had happened and that they would contact me when it was all straightened out.  They were very apologetic for the mixup and promised to straighten everything out.

I guess we’ll see what happens on Tuesday.  Of course all of this means another half day off of work and another 150 miles on the car.  Will I ever get to pass this test?

The Director’s Commentary is here again.  Let me know if you like the audio, or if I should burn my terrible voice with fire.
[audio:https://aconaway.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/ONT-Epic-Fail-Part-3.mp3|titles=ONT – Epic Fail Part 3]