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Cisco Live is obviously the biggest networking event of the year, and Cisco likes to use all the attention to show off some of their new gear. I must say I was impressed with the Enterprise offerings including the 6807-XL, the 6880-X, the 4451-X, and the Sup 8-E for the 4500-E. Those boxes definitely gave me a bit of a tingle when I was checking them out, but my eyes opened up when I saw the 3850. The Catalyst 3850 is the next version of the 3k line of switches and the successor to the 3750-X.

ACLs in IPv6 aren’t that different from what you’re used to dealing with in the IPv4 world. You create a list of denies and permits for use with some other structure like filtering, PBR, and all sorts of other stuff.

I got my CCNP certification library the other day to finally get myself another cert, so I’ve been doing some reading of late. The thing I hate about certs is that, even if you have all the experience in the world, there’s always a whole…