IIUC Notes – Assigning Ephone-dns to Ephone Buttons

These are some of my notes on my IIUC studies.  Since I am a novice as voice stuff, please let me know what I get wrong.

An ephone is a representation of a phone.  It's basically a structure of features that a phone will have. 

Configuration in CME:

R1(config)#ephone 34  <– This is just a tag and has nothing to do with an extension or phone
R1(config-ephone)#mac-address 1111.2222.3333    <– Assigns this ephone to the phone with that MAC address

An ephone-dn is a directory number that can be assigned to one or more phone.  This is usually your extension and/or DID number.

Configuration in CME:

R1(config)#ephone-dn 18   <– Again, just a tag
R1(config-ephone-dn)#number 1000  <– the extension

Ephone-dns (i.e., extensions) are assigned to ephones through the button directive under the ephone setup.  You can have more than one assignment per button command.

Configuration in CME:

R1(config)#ephone 34
R1(config-ephone)#button 1:18   <– Assigns extension 1000 (through ephone-dn 18) to button 1

The colon (:) in the button line is a separator that means that this is a normal ring phone – when someone dials that extension, your phone rings and lights up.  There are other separator characters.


Character Function
: Normal ring; the phone rings and lights up
b Call waiting beep; the phone will light up, but there will be no ring.  If you're on the line, you'll hear a beep on the line.
f Feature ring; a triple ring
m Monitor mode; lets you see the status of the line without being able to use it.  Think of receptionists seeing if the boss is on the phone.
o Overlay line without call waiting
c Overlay line with call waiting
x Overlay expansion with rollover
s Silent; disable ringing and call waiting beep, but lights still flash
w Watch mode; like monitor, except it monitors if any line on the phone being watched is active.  If I have 4 ephone-dns on my phone and am on line 2, if you're watching line 1 of my phone, you'll see it as active


Configuration in CME:

R1(config)#ephone 34
R1(config-ephone)#button 3m15  <– Monitors ephone-dn on button 3
R1(config-ephone)#button 4s82  <– Assigns ephone-dn 82 to button 4 but nothing will ring
R1(config-ephone)#button 5f31  <– Assigns ephone-dn 31 to button 5 with a triple ring

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