Cisco Live US 2017 – Saturday Adventure

For the last couple years, on the Saturday before Cisco Live US kicks off, we like to go and do something in the host city.  Nothing big.  Nothing fancy.  Just something we aren’t going to be able to do once the conference gets going.  In San Diego, we went to the zoo.  Last year, we went to the National Atomic Testing Museum.  This year, we’re going to the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement…aka, the Mob Museum.

It’s Vegas.  This placed used to be full of mobsters doing some unsavory things.  I like to think it’s a bit more legit these days, but it’ll be fun to see how the mob and the law danced around back in the day.  It’s in the old historic post office and courthouse a couple block off Fremont Street and is complete with full courtroom and the wall where the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre occurred. I should be a good time assuming we make it past the police lineup.

All are invited.  If you want to join us, drop me a message on Twitter.  We’ll probably meet for lunch then head over there in the early afternoon.  Or head over there for lunch.  Or just sleep in and meet at the museum.  Whatever.  We’ll need to be back in time for dinner with the Twitterati.

Send any ARRL Field Day bonuses questions to me.