Cisco Live 2016 – Everything Is Coming Together

It seems that Cisco Live is about the only thing I blog about in the last…well, few years.  At least I’m still writing, even if it is twice a year.  🙂

Here’s a summary about Cisco Live for those who live in a dark hole.  It’s July 10 – 14, 2016, in Las Vegas.  If you do anything with Cisco, you should go.  If you do anything with technology that isn’t Cisco, you should go.  Bring your significant other.  There’s plenty to do for everyone.  Anyway, on to the details for this year’s show.

The Mandalay Bay’s South Convention Center will be our campground this year.  This is the same place from back in 2011 but with quite a few updates to the layout.  I can’t remember the number of attendees from the last time, but I imagine that number will be close to double this year.  I have all confidence that the convention center can handle us, though.  They did such a wonderful job last time.  I hope the food is as good as I remember; it’s been pretty poor going the last few years in Orlando, San Francisco, and San Diego.

The Customer Appreciation Event will be at the T-Mobile Arena, a brand-spankin’-new, state-of-the-art facility that just opened to the public. I can’t wait to walk around (and maybe get a tour) to see how much technology is packed into this 20,000-seat stadium.  Meeting us there will be Elle King, a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter from Los Angeles.  We’ll also be greeted by Maroon 5 — you know, the guys who’ve sold over 70 million singles so far.  Should be a great show!

What else?  Cisco is continuing the Mentor program this year.  That’s where a NetVet gets to show a newbie around the place.  Then there’s the usual stuff that’s there every year.  The Meet the Engineer, the Store, DevNet, etc.  Make sure to register for your exams and sign up for your sessions as soon as you can to make sure you get a seat.  The scheduler opens up 26 April for NetVets and 3 May for everyone. You can sign up for your exam today.

See you guys in the desert in a couple months!

Send any tickets to Blue Man Group questions my way.