My Schedule for Cisco Live 2013

I’m all set up to go to Cisco Live in Orlando this year.  Good thing, too, since I couldn’t make it to San Diego last time. It’ll be a great and fun time as usual, and I’m quite excited.

As it turns out, ARRL Field Day happens to be the weekend leading up to the festivities.  I’ve been in contact with the local Orlando club, and they say the attendees are more than welcome to join them.  They are meeting at the City of Orlando Emergency Operations Center, which is about 20 minutes away from the Convention Center.

Anyway, here’s my schedule for the week.

Saturday, 22 June

14:00 : Field Day begins and runs for 24 hours.  
17:00 : I'll make my way over to Field Day for a few hours.

Sunday, 23 June


Monday, 24 June

08:00 : CCIE R&S Written (again)
10:00 : BRKARC-3437 - Cisco Catalyst 3750 / 3560 and 2960 Series Switching Architecture
13:00 : BRKARC-2013 - Cisco Nexus 3548 Switch Architecture
15:30 : GENSK-1294 - Enterprise Network Keynote: Getting You Where You Want to Go

Tuesday, 25 June

08:00 : BRKDCT-2218 - Scalable Midsize Data Center Designs
10:00 : GENKEY-1295 - KEYNOTE: Tomorrow Starts Here
12:30 : BRKSEC-3021 - Maximizing Firewall Performance
15:00 : BRKSEC-2020 - Firewall Deployment

Wednesday, 26 June

08:00 : BRKSEC-1050 - Are you choosing the right VPN technology for your network?
10:00 : GENKEY-1296 - KEYNOTE: Unlocking the Value of Innovation
13:30 : BRKIPM-2264 - Multicast Troubleshooting
16:00 : BRKRST-2041 - WAN Architectures and Design Principles

Thursday, 27 June

08:00 : BRKRST-2513 - QoS Design For IPSec VPNs
10:00 : BRKSEC-2691 - Identity Based Networking: IEEE 802.1X and Beyond
12:30 : BRKCRS-3090 - Implementing Network Automation
14:30 : GENKEY-1297 - Celebrity Closing Keynote
16:00 : BRKSEC-2014 - Identifying and Mitigating Network Threats

Friday, 28 June

Unknown : Leave for home

Does this mean I’m actually going to attend over a dozen classes?  Probably not.  I’ve got to save some time for socializing and exploring the World of Solutions.

Send any Game of Thrones premiers questions to me.