I’ve Been Violated…Again

I noticed a few weeks back that my blog article titles were showing up in my RSS feed as ads for cheap prescriptions. Not good. I changed all my passwords, made sure I was at the latest version of WordPress (I was), and disabled all my unneeded plugins. The RSS feed cleared up, but my Google search results still showed I was a pharmacy; the big problem is that all the pages appeared normal when browsing over to them, so I never really noticed the bigger problem.

I checked out a few of my article with Google’s Webmaster Tools and noticed that the indexer saw the ads with some extraneous headers and a differen ttitle. After looking around the Interwebs a bit, I finally got fed up with it and installed a fresh copy of WordPress. It took a bit of hammering, but I got it up and running again. I checked the Webmaster Tools again, and Google is no longer seeing the ads. Hopefully all my search results will be back to normal by tomorrow.

I’m sorry that everyone thought I was a rolling meds counter. It’s just one of those things where I did everything I could (at least as far as I know), but that wasn’t enough. I’m sure I’ll do something drastic like scrap WordPress unless a bout of laziness hits me.

If you see anything broken on the site, let me know. You can comment here or email me. My address is in the About page above.

Sorry, guys. 🙁