Stubby Post – Changes to CCNA Voice, CCVP, and CCSP

I don't usually cover news from Cisco, but they've changed some certification stuff around again, and I thought I would bring it up.  This time they've changed the CCNA Voice, CCVP, and CCSP, so, if you've on those tracks, be careful what you're studying!

CCNA Voice

Circle 28 February 2011 on your calendars.  That's when the CCNA Voice track gets a shakeup.  The IIUC (640-460) exam will be no more, and passing CVOICE (642-436) will no longer be a valid way to get the cert.  After the big day, you'll have to take ICOMM (640-461).  This seems to be a much broader exam instead of having the enterprise and commercial focuses in CVOICE and IIUC, respectively.  Look out for both CME- and CUCM-based topics including a troubleshooting section. 

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The CCVP is now known as the methods.  The TUC exam is replaced by TVOICE (642-427), which, on the surface seems to be just an update.  The CIPT1 (642-447), and CIPT2 (642-457) exams also look like they're simply updated, but you'll have to ask a Voice guy since I don't really know the differences here..  The last exam is CAPPS (642-467), and covers Unity, VPIM, and Presence.  Fun stuff.

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Like the Voice track, the CCSP gets a name change and is now known as the CCNP Security.  There are still four tests like the old track, but the content is updated.  You have to take the SECURE (642-637), FIREWALL (642-617)VPN (642-647), and  IPS (642-627).  Word on the street is that the new VPN exam eliminates the inconsistencies with VPN deployment methods taught in SNAF and SNAA.  

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Can someone explain why CCSP and CCNP Security are both still listed on the professional cert page at Cisco, but the CCNP Voice gets a "formerly known as" moniker?

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