CME Exercise #1

I tried something like this earlier this year with STP.  It got rave reviews (from my mother), so I figured I try it again.  

Below is a list of requirements for configuring a router as a call processor.  In a lab or in your head, configure the router to support the features as listed.  This isn't a contest or anything like that.  If you get it right, a virtual thumbs up is all I can afford to give you.  There are some licensing issues for running this stuff in GNS3/dynamips, so I can't help you out on that.  I'll just hint that GNS3 and dynamips will bind to real networks and that copies of a compatible IP softphone are available.

Here we go.

  • Telephony
    • Maximum of 10 DNs
    • Maximum of 5 ephones
    • DHCP server that provides the appropriate DHCP scope option for getting the phones online
  • Phones
    • Phone 1
      • Sales Phone A
      • Button 1: extension 1001
      • Button 2: intercom to phone 3 labeled as "Lackey"
      • Pickup Group jane krakowski pokies 3001
    • Phone 2
      • HR Phone A
      • Button 1: extension 1002
      • Pickup Group 3001
    • Phone 3
      • Sales Phone B
      • Button 1: extension 1003
      • Button 2:  monitor button 1 on phone 1
      • Button 3: intercom to phone 1 labeled as "Boss" that answers unmuted
      • Pickup Group 3002
  • Paging
    • Each department should have its own paging group.
    • All phones should be in a paging group for broadcasting emergencies to all employees.
  • Call Parking
    • 2 call parking DNs
    • 1 CP DN should be dedicated to phone 2
  • Music on Hold
    • MOH should play when a user is on hold or in a park slot
  • After-hours
    • After hours should be Mon – Fri from 7pm to 7am
    • No one should be able to dial 1003 after hours
    • No one should be able to dial 1002 any day at any time

I'll get my own answer together and post the consensus result in a few days.  In the meantime, let me know how terribly I did.

Send any unlicensed CIPC phones questions my way.