Stubby Post – GNS3 Vault for the Win!

I was thinking about firing off some GNS3 labs as exercises for everyone to use.  My thought was that I could generate a few small networks with a requirements doc and have people do the leg work as practice or for a study aid.  You know, configure OSPF over this frame relay network or GLBP for load-balancing gateways.  I gave up on that dream (like I do a lot of them), and wound up clicking around on GNS3 VaultRene Molenaar has already thought ahead and developed about 60 labs exercises that can be downloaded.

The labs run the gamut from  GRE tunnels to mutlicast to MPLS.  I’ve downloaded a few of them myself, and there is a lot of detailed work here.  I’m definitely going to use these labs to keep the skills sharp.  It’s no fun if I make up the scenario, eh?  I’m sure others will find something challenging and fun over there.

Click on over to GNS3 Vault.