Three years later…

Another year of Aaron’s Worthless Words has come and gone.  This month marks the third full year of blog posts for me, and things sure have changed since the beginning.

At first, this blog was just for my personal rants, but no one cares about that stuff (thus the title), so I looked to move on to something else.  I decided that I would go into the non-technical side of the network field, so I started talking about the Principle of Least Privilege and about cabling standards.  That got a bit boring, so I started puking out information on the Content Switching Module from Cisco since I couldn’t find anything worth a cracker outside of the documentation.  That was a hit, and the topics started expanding and expanding until we got to where we are now.  Today, the articles are published in online magazine and are being translated into other languages around the world.  Quite a change from complaining about drivers stopping in the crosswalk.  🙂

Here’s to another year of good times and good information.  Salud!