SWITCH – Epic Regression

Just because I like giving more money to Pearson Vue, I took the BCMSN test today to see how I would do.  I passed with no problem.

In my mind, the CCNP is a technical certification, so I expect to be tested on technical topics.  Are there topics beyond technology that P-levels should know?  Of course there are, but I really don’t think whole chunks of the test should be about a preparation plan and rollback procedures.  The BCMSN had a lot more technical questions at a much higher level of expertise; it seems much better suited to the CCNP track than the SWITCH test did.

I was really surprised at how many questions today were repeats from the SWITCH test last week.  Of the three lab exercises I worked, two of them were exactly the same as last week.  I would venture to guess that there were also 8 to 10 repeated multiple choice questions.  It seems that this is going against my argument of being more technical, though, doesn’t it?  If you mix in the remaining questions that were at a much higher technical level, you wind up with a pretty darn good test.

I’ve really got nothing more to say about the BCMSN.  It’s a good test with an appropriate level of technical (and paper-pushing) detail.  I’m very glad I was able to take it before the 31 July 2010 deadline, and I advise anyone who needs the SWITCH test to try and do the same.

The next stop is ROUTE (642-902) for me.  I’m taking a class on that one soon, so I’m confident I can pass it in the next 11 weeks we have left until the deadline.

Audio commentary
[audio:https://aconaway.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/SWITCH-Epic-Regression.mp3|titles=SWITCH – Epic Regression]