ONT Notes – WLAN Management

Elements of Cisco Unified Wireless Network

  • Client devices – Cisco compatible extensions on WLAN clients
  • Mobility platform – allows configuration of LWAPs through WLCs
  • Network unification – integration into the rest of the network with WLCs doing RF management, IPS, etc.
  • World-class network management – centralized management through WCS
  • Unified advanced services – supports advanced technologies and threat detection

WLAN Implementation

Autonomous and LWAP

Category Autonomous LWAP
Access Point Autonomous APs LWAPs
Control Individual configurations Configuration through WLCs
Dependency Independent operations Dependent on WLC
Management CiscoWorks WLSE and WDS WCS
Redundancy Through APs Through WLCs

Wireless LAN Services Engine (WLSE)

  • Part of CiscoWorks
  • Manages autonomous APs
  • Centralized configuration, firmware, and radio management
  • Autoconfig of new APs
  • Misconfiguration and rogue AP alerts
  • Proactive monitoring of APs, bridges, and 802.1x servers
  • Supports SSH, HTTP, CDP, SNMP for up to 2500 APs
  • WLSE Express supports 100 devices in either automatic or manual setups

Wireless Control System (WCS)

  • Supports 50 WLCs and 1500 APs
  • Three versions
    • Base – can determine with which APs a devices in associated
    • Location – Base plus RF fingerprinting
    • Location + 2700 Series Wireless Location Appliance – Tracks devices in real time and stores historical location data