I’ve Been Hacked

It looks like one of those Russian b*%*#rds got me some time last week.  I don’t know how long the site was down for sure, but I would guess that he first got access on Thursday, 22 October.  Since we’re talking about WordPress here, I just restored back to 15 October to be safe, and it looks like we’re back in business.

As a precaution, I’ve reset some passwords and deleted a whole mess of accounts.  I tried to leave the ones that look familiar to me like Blindhog and LBSources, but, if I killed your account, I apologize.  I’m afraid you’ll have to sign up again for the sake of security.

Thanks to Drew at GoDaddy for walking me through the restore process!  An unsolicited hazzah to those guys for having such great tools so they don’t have to do any more work than they have to do!

Send any stagnant accounts questions my way.