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Cisco Live 2013 Insights – Cisco Tactical Operations

While walking through the World of Solutions, we ran across a big black truck with lots of antennas all over it. It was obviously an emergency communications vehicle of some kind, but I was really surprised to see it was a Cisco truck. It turns out that Cisco has a Tactical Operations group that was formed to provide disaster responders with much-needed communications for FEMA, state EMA, fire, police, medical, etc.

VRF-Aware IPSec Tunnels

Man, time is hard to come by of late.  I’ve had so little time to rest that’s it’s hard to get my thoughts together.  It’s a good thing in this case, though, since it’s my fantastic job that’s taking all…

Invisible fences for VLANs

This week we have a guest post from CJ Infantino. He is currently writes on You can find him hanging out on Google Plus as CJ Infantino or follow him @cjinfantino on twitter. ————————————- The other day I was…