I’ve Been Violated…Again

I noticed a few weeks back that my blog article titles were showing up in my RSS feed as ads for cheap prescriptions. Not good. I changed all my passwords, made sure I was at the latest version of WordPress…

Stubby Post – Cisco IOS Petition

Greg Ferro has brought back the petition for Cisco to provide an emulator to the community for learning.  Since our current and only family of emulators is well on Garcinia Mangostana its way to oblivion, I ask that we all…

Routing IPv6 with BGP – The Basics

Are you sensing a theme lately? Since we covered the basics of the main IGPs (I’m an enterprise guy, so no IS-IS comments, please.), I thought I’d try to describe the basics of advertising IPv6 routes over BGP. Yet again, we’re not going to do any route manipulation or change any of the 948284928 BGP attributes. We’re just trying to get routes exchanged.

IIUC Update – Passed!

I passed the IIUC yesterday, so now I'm a CCNA Voice.  It's kind of belittling to get a CCNA-level certification at this point in my career, but I didn't want to be completely left behind, so I figured I should…

OSPFv3 – The Basics

A few hours ago, the last of the IPv4 addresses were allocated by IANA. Now’s the time to learn more about IPv6! Yesterday, I posted about EIGRP for IPv6, so I think I’ll continue the trend by introducing OSPFv3, which is the IPv6 implementation of OSPF

EIGRP for IPv6 – The Basics

I’m not going to go all out like Jeremy over at Packetlife.net has, but I’m going to start to discuss a few IPv6 topics. In time (like in September when APNIC runs out of IPv4 addresses), I’m sure I’ll ramp up the IPv6 talk, but let’s start easy and get EIGRP for IPv6 up and running.