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Junos – VPN Hierarchy

We all know that the configuration on a Junos box is very hierarchical. Sometimes it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s all a pretty cascade of code. One of the big messes that I’ve found is the VPN configuration hierarchy; there are way more items to configure than on an IOS device. To reinforce the stpes in my head, I thought I’d get some of the pieces into a post.

VRF-Aware IPSec Tunnels

One of the big things that I’m dealing with lately is VRFs. I’ve implemented some VRF-lite stuff, but I’ve never had any practical experience with the full force of them. I’m definitely learning here. Since the blog here is really about my sharing what I’ve learned, let’s go through something that came up recently – terminating VPNs on one VRF while passing traffic to another.

Cheat Sheets from Packetlife.net

My friend Josh over at blindhog.net has found a collection of cheat sheet gems for the network dude(tte).  There’s sheets on BGP, OSPF, Subnetting, QoS, connector types, and more.  Check it out. Cheat Sheets – Packetlife.net Aaron ConawayI like to…

GRE Tunnels and Encryption

GRE tunnels rock.  They are interfaces on a router that are used to “connect” to another router somewhere on your LAN, your WAN, the Internet, wherever.  The most popular use for them is for router-to-router VPNs. I’ll let my friend…