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QoS? Really?

Yes, really. QoS has actually gotten some attention this year. After how many years of living in the dark and being feared by junior and senior engineers alike, we’re seeing some really cool technologies coming out for it.

QoS Notes – IPP and DSCP Values

Back in the day, somebody decided that we all needed to have a Type of Service (ToS) field in the header of IP packets. Only God knows what this spawn of Satan wanted to do with it, but we’re stuck with it on the CCIE R&S exams. Can you tell I hate QoS?

ONT Notes – Queuing

Here are some more notes from my studies.  Of course, no one cares about them but me, but it’s my blog.  I’m sure someone will find it useful.  Please help to correct dumbass mistakes. Congestion Speed mismatch – traffic leaves…