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OSPF Notes – Message Types

I have had my nose deep in several books in preparation for my CCIE R&S written exam, so I haven’t been blogging much at all. Now that I’ve made it to the more familiar topics, I’m hoping to get some notes posted. I’ll start with OSPF message types.

Home-grown IOU Scripts

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Cisco IOU by now, and I’m finally catching up with the other bloggers of the world by mentioning it. It’s an executable version of an IOS image that runs on a Unix (or Unix-like) platform and it’s the backend behind Cisco’s Learning Labs.

Cisco Live 2011 Schedule

For the first time ever, I’m headed to Cisco Live – the big Cisco users conference in Las Vegas! I usually don’t go to these things since I wind up just hanging out by myself, but I’m meeting all sorts…