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I shake my head around sometimes and see what falls out. That's what lands on these pages. If you have any questions, the best way to contact me is through Twitter at @aconaway.

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I passed the ROUTE exam a few days/weeks/months/something ago and decided to pursue certifications of another sort for a while. The wife and I are trying our best to help the community through our ham radio training, so I decided to go down that path a bit further. One thing I was interested in doing is to do EmComm during declared emergencies. That meant I had to take two FEMA courses online to be allowed in the EOC. I thought they would be terribly boring, but I found them to be quite familiar.

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I don’t think I’m going to give a direct review of Cisco Live US this year. The conference was great with lots of stuff going on, but I really can’t contribute any more than the vast library of other posts on the subject. What I will do, though, is give my take on where I think the conference is headed. These are all my thoughts and have little to do with reality in some cases.