Author: Aaron Conaway

I shake my head around sometimes and see what falls out. That's what lands on these pages.

BGP Configuration on FortiOS

I’ve never done a post on Forti-anything, but I’m really appreciating the products Fortinet is putting out lately. They’re transitioning from “run your SMB off of our stuff” to “actually, we’re pretty good for larger companies”, so their GUI lacks…

Nyansa Voyance at NFD18

Disclaimer : I was lucky enough to have been invited to attend Network Field Day 18 this past July in Silicon Valley. This event brings independent thought leaders to a number of IT product vendors to share information and opinions.…

Automating My World

I’ve told this story 984828934 time in the past year, but bear with me.  We got a new director-type last year, and he has challenged all of us to do things differently.  As in everything.  Anything that we’re doing today…

Cisco Clock Issue – This Is Really Bad

Check out this advisory from Cisco that came out a couple days ago. I’ll summarize for you : Thanks to a faulty clock signal component, certain Cisco devices will stop functioning after about 18 months and become really expensive bricks! If you read through it, you see phrases like “we expect product failures” and “is not recoverable.”