JNCIS – Epic Win!

I quit my job…by design.  I start a new gig on Tuesday and am getting back to the world of Cisco.  As a last nod to Juniper, I decided to use an exam voucher I had and take the JNCIS-ENT exam.  Easy pass.

The content was right along with the exam objectives, so there were no surprises.  Most of the topics are things I’ve done a thousand times on the job.  There were some things, though, that were beyond my experience.  IS-IS was the big one.  The very first question I got was about IS-IS metrics, and I had absolutely no clue what the answer was.  Nor did I have any clue about the other IS-IS questions.  I went 0-for-3 on those guys.  The only other problematic topic was HA, which didn’t really surprised me.  I was able to answer the VRRP questions, but  I’ve never done any GRES, ISSUe, RTG, etc., at any point in my career.  It wasn’t surprising that I didn’t do too well on those.  Everything else was cake, and I only missed 6 questions in my comfort zone.

The exam was yet another top-notch effort from Liz and the group, but there was one questions that didn’t meet the standard set by the others.  It was a VRRP question, but it used some awkward wording that that I read over and over.  I just used the context of the questions to give an answer and moved on.

There was really nothing else to report.  It was a great exam, so don’t be afraid to take it if it’s next on your list.

Send any Cisco refresher courses questions my way.

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