Goals for the New Year

Yes, I know I’m late.  Just remember I’m lazy, and it all makes sense.

This year I’ve decided to go a little more practical with my goals.  Instead of “get this cert” or “learn about that”, I’ve decided to take some steps to help myself.  That is, in order to learn and advance, I need make sure I give myself the opportunities to do so.  Damn, that sounded like some crap from a marketing department, so let me use my own words.

  • Find a place to study.  When I took my current job, we moved to another city and to a very small apartment.  Now I don’t have the spare bedroom as an office and a quiet place away from everything.  Of course, my study schedule and quality has suffered because the only place to study I have now is less than 10 feet from the wife and the TV.  I’ve got to find a place that’s quiet.
  • Find a place to lab.  Right now, I’ve got a pile of Cisco and Juniper gear sitting on a shelf at that same study location..  I’ve either got to find a way to access these remotely (somewhere quiet) or find a service to employ to get hands-on experience.
  • Go to Cisco Live US.  After missing last year, I won’t let myself miss it this year.  It’s within driving distance, and, more importantly, the hotels will be cheap again in Orlando.  There’s no excuse not to go.

If I can accomplish these goals, then I’ll be back on track for getting some new certs or finishing out some old goals.  And I seriously do miss studying and learning.

See you guys at Cisco Live.  Yes, I’m going to wear my Juniper Ambassador shirt.

Aaron Conaway

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1 comment for “Goals for the New Year

  1. AG
    January 22, 2013 at 8:36 am

    After I saw how much the INE rack rentals were, I gave up on the idea of having my own Cisco lab. I live in a small flat too, having even a half height rack of kit sat somewhere is out of the question. The only problem with it is that the booking is slightly inflexible (you have to book in preset 3 hour blocks), but for quickly testing small bits of config I just emulate on my laptop.

    I love owning my own equipment, but when you can get hundreds of hours of rack time with a full topology for the price of two 3560s its a no brainer. Plus I don’t have to worry that my pile of 2600s will become outdated and need replacing with ISRs when they eventually update the R&S track 🙂

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