CME Exercise #1

I tried something like this earlier this year with STP.  It got rave reviews (from my mother), so I figured I try it again.  

Below is a list of requirements for configuring a router as a call processor.  In a lab or in your head, configure the router to support the features as listed.  This isn't a contest or anything like that.  If you get it right, a virtual thumbs up is all I can afford to give you.  There are some licensing issues for running this stuff in GNS3/dynamips, so I can't help you out on that.  I'll just hint that GNS3 and dynamips will bind to real networks and that copies of a compatible IP softphone are available.

Here we go.

  • Telephony
    • Maximum of 10 DNs
    • Maximum of 5 ephones
    • DHCP server that provides the appropriate DHCP scope option for getting the phones online
  • Phones
    • Phone 1
      • Sales Phone A
      • Button 1: extension 1001
      • Button 2: intercom to phone 3 labeled as "Lackey"
      • Pickup Group jane krakowski pokies 3001
    • Phone 2
      • HR Phone A
      • Button 1: extension 1002
      • Pickup Group 3001
    • Phone 3
      • Sales Phone B
      • Button 1: extension 1003
      • Button 2:  monitor button 1 on phone 1
      • Button 3: intercom to phone 1 labeled as "Boss" that answers unmuted
      • Pickup Group 3002
  • Paging
    • Each department should have its own paging group.
    • All phones should be in a paging group for broadcasting emergencies to all employees.
  • Call Parking
    • 2 call parking DNs
    • 1 CP DN should be dedicated to phone 2
  • Music on Hold
    • MOH should play when a user is on hold or in a park slot
  • After-hours
    • After hours should be Mon – Fri from 7pm to 7am
    • No one should be able to dial 1003 after hours
    • No one should be able to dial 1002 any day at any time

I'll get my own answer together and post the consensus result in a few days.  In the meantime, let me know how terribly I did.

Send any unlicensed CIPC phones questions my way.

Aaron Conaway

I shake my head around sometimes and see what falls out. That's what lands on these pages. If you have any questions, the best way to contact me is through Twitter at @aconaway.

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