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I’ve seen and used the command before, but I’ve never really seen any use of the show ip protocols command until tonight while reading up for my ROUTE test.  There’s a lot of good information in the output, and, from the way the book is reading, this is a great candidate for use in a lab question.

To check it out a bit, I set up a small network with four routers connected only to a single Ethernet segment.  I set up one router to run EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP to each one of the other routers just so I could see the output for the different routing protocols.  Here’s what puked out after struggling with GNS for a few minutes.

The EIGRP section shows some important details, including what k-values are used, networks configured, and administrative distance (AD) of the various route types (internal and external).  The OSPF section shows the router ID, number of areas on the router, and number of area types (normal, stub, NSSA), as well as the networks configured and the AD.  The section regarding BGP shows summarization status, neighbors (along with any filter lists, distribution lists, local weights, and route-maps if they were configured), and the ADs again.

That’s good stuff to know.  I’ll have to put that command in usual repertoire.

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