ONT Notes – AutoQoS

  • AutoQoS benefits
    • Automates QoS for most deployments
    • Protects business-critical apps to maximize availability
    • Simplifies QoS deployments
    • Reduces configuration errors
    • Cheaper, faster, and simpler deployments
    • Follows DiffServ
    • Allows complete control over QoS configs
    • Allows modification of auto-generated configs
  • AutoQoS phases of evolution
    • AutoQoS VOIP – Early version that configures the basics without discovery
    • AutoQoS for Enterprise – Second version that only runs on routers and uses two-step process
      • Autodiscovery using NBAR
      • Generation of class maps
  • AutoQoS key elements
    • Application classification
    • Policy generation
    • Configuration
    • Monitoring and reporting
    • Consistency
  • Interfaces that you can configure AutoQoS on
    • Serial ifs with PPP and HDLC
    • FR point-to-point subifs (NOT multipoint)
    • ATM point-to-point subifs
    • FR-to-ATM links
  • Prerequsites
    • No Qos policy already configured on if
    • CEF enabled on if
    • Correct bandwidth configured on if
    • IP address on low-speed if
  • Configuring AutoQoS Enterprise on a router (NOT a switch)
    • auto qos discovery – begins discovery process
    • auto qos – generates and applies MQC-based policies
  • Configuring AutoQoS VOIP
    • auto qos voip [ trust | cisco-phone ]
  • Verifying AutoQoS on router
    • show auto discovery qos – get autodiscovery results
    • show auto qos – examine configuration generated
      • Number of classes
      • Classification options
      • Marking options
      • Queuing mechanisms
      • Other QoS mechanisms
      • If, subif, PVC where policy is applied
    • show policy-map interface – look at if stats
  • Verify AutoQoS VOIP
    • show auto qos
    • show policy-map interface
    • show mls qos maps – shows CoS to DSCP mappings
  • Possible issues with AutoQoS
    • Too many traffic classes – manually consolidate some
    • Configuration doesn’t change – rerun AutoQoS
    • Configuration may not fit your situation – fine-tune it by hand
  • Fine-tuning AutoQoS
    • Use QPM
    • CLI
    • copy policy into editor, change, reapply
  • AutoQoS can match on characteristics besides ACLs and NBAR
    • match input interface
    • match cos
    • match ip precedence
    • match ip dscp
    • match ip rtp

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